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Providing security from external and onboard disruptions

Cruise liners are unique in the breadth and depth of the security challenges they present. Like other vessels entering high-risk
areas, a cruise liner is a possible target for piracy and terror attacks and a hotbed for organized crime, primarily drug, arms and
other smuggling. At the same time, with thousands of vacationing passengers on board, a cruise ship can also be home to other
crimes: violence, sexual assault, theft and robbery, and in rare cases kidnap and murder. One of major security concerns on a
cruise ship is intoxication, as it tends to quickly cause to an escalation of minor conflicts, and can lead to more serious crimes.

The HRM Difference:
A one-stop-shop for all security needs on board

HRM provides safety and security solutions to deal with the myriad of challenges aboard a passenger cruise liner from the inside and out, without disturbing the vacation vibe on board.

Cruise line operators strive to create a pleasant, carefree environment for all passengers, but with thousands of strangers/cultural backgrounds vacationing together at sea, things can quickly get out of hand on board. Our role is to assure smooth sailing by maintain the security and safety of passengers and crew, without obstructing the overall enjoyable environment cruise liner operators work so hard to achieve.
The secret is knowing how to balance between the need to “show presence” and blending in with the crowd, so innocent passengers don’t feel like they are surrounded by armed forces.
HRM security teams assigned to cruise liners are carefully selected, with both skill and personality in mind. They undergo a combination of military and police training, so they are prepared to deal with incidents from external forces, as well as day-to-day interactions on board.

The HRM cruise liner team is trained in a technological environment, to deal with any scenario at sea.
We offer 24/7vessel monitoring and support, with accessibility around the clock.
We also give clients access to self-monitoring tools, so they can follow every voyage in real-time.

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Fully Certified

HRM is licensed and accredited according to all relevant bodies and standards, including: