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High professional & personal standards

We hire, train, and maintain a disciplined security force, and hold our guards to the highest professional and personal standards. HRM’s post-hire requirements, strict hiring process, and rigorous training assures that operation teams have the confidence to deal with any threat and overcome every challenge at sea.

We offer the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code (SSO, PFSO, CSO, MSLO) training and qualifications, and the MSO/TL standard. In addition, Training takes place at our purpose-built facility in the Middle East, and we have access to exclusive access to several maritime training
facilities including a military facility in Southeast Asia.

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COVID-19 free

As of mid-2021, the majority of HRM staff is vaccinated for COVID-19.

To accommodate our clients during the pandemic, we’ve released a new service which allows companies to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 by hiring a vaccinated team for the duration of nine-months. During this period, while sailing in low-risk zones, our team of security guards is part of your crew, performing everyday duties just like the rest.

A vaccinated, permanent crew is the first line of defense against an outbreak of COVID on board

Exceptional service, confidential & discreet

At HRM, we believe that service makes the difference between a good, and a fantastic experience.

As a company, we strive to provide clients with fast, flexible, and reliable solutions accompanies by exception service at every touch point, from management, through office staff, to defense teams and beyond.

Security measures are kept highly confidential between HRM and the client.

Effective response & around-the-clock communications

We monitor, support and update 24/7/365 throughout each voyage.

Our extensive experience and strong relationships with local law enforcement and military, enable immediate and effective responses to crises.

Seamless intelligence & self-monitoring tools


We offer an intelligence package which includes intelligence reports and access to all the information a client needs to plan,
prepare and monitor a single vessel or a multi-vessel fleet from a maritime security perspective. During each voyage, clients
get access to a personal area where they can track their vessels and fleets in real time, review traffic at ports, receive updates
on weather conditions and much more.

Compliance with standards

HRM is fully certified and operates according to HSSE best practices and in full compliance with international and local laws and regulations.