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Ensuring the safety and privacy of high-profile individuals & groups

Like commercial vessels, Superyachts which often carry valuables are vulnerable to pirate attacks, in addition to being a target to
criminal activity such as drug smuggling, kidnap, and ransom. The wealth and public interest around yacht owners and their
high-profile guests, also draws the attention of paparazzi which are known to go to extremes to capture a glimpse of the
lifestyle of VIPs and celebrities and use it for their own profit. Advanced technology has brought to life new ways to invade one’s
privacy, one example are drones which have become more of an issue in recent years.

The HRM Difference:
Allowing passengers to focus on enjoying their travels

HRM protects high profile individuals and groups, their guests, assets, and crews from piracy and paparazzi, to assure safety and privacy while traveling at sea. Security measures are kept highly confidential between HRM and the client.

Privacy and discretion often characterize the atmosphere on a superyacht, as people come together for business, pleasure or a mix of the two, in isolation from the rest of the world.
Our job is to identifying any potential threats, vulnerabilities, and risks, and seamlessly provide close personal protection to individuals on board the yacht, allowing yacht passengers to focus their travels. Security teams assigned to yachts are carefully selected, after going through special training to assure they appreciate the intimate environment on a superyacht and the importance of personal conduct, adhering to the etiquette required of any other member of the crew.

The HRM superyacht team is trained in a technological environment, to deal with any scenario at sea. Monitoring and support are provided 24/7, with accessibility around the clock.
We also offer our clients self-monitoring tools to follow every voyage in real-time.

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Fully Certified

HRM is licensed and accredited according to all relevant bodies and standards, including: